My VA Services

One of my passions is helping businesses make money by offering a few VA services. I specialize in helping busy entrepreneurs who are on a budget but really need some help with the administrative side of their business.

What services do I offer?

I currently offer copy editing, proofreading, transcription, social media maintenance, and blog & content creation. All of my services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means I will make whatever revisions or corrections needed so that you walk away completely satisfied.

Who can I help?

I help people such as bloggers who need more content, authors and writers who need to get their books edited, typed and ready to go quickly, podcasters who want their audio transcribed and coaches who are looking to create multiple streams of income from their existing content.

How can my services help your business make money?

  1. You can focus on writing awesome content without worrying about if you spelled a word wrong or forgot to add a period at the end of the sentence. Just let those creative juices flow, and I will handle the rest.
  2. You will have confidence in knowing that your readers will understand the point you are trying to make. This leads to creating more content, which leads to more customers, which leads to making more money.
  3. You don’t have to worry about bothering your spouse, family or friends, hoping they will make the time to read your stuff.
  4. Transcribing your recent podcast, webinar or video not only makes it easier for the search engines to find your content, but it can create passive income in the form of an ebook, online course, blog posts, newsletters, etc.

Have you done this before?

Here are a couple of testimonials:

“Barbara is a talented editor and copy writer. She edited about seven chapters of my upcoming book and sis a fantastic job of making my message clearer to my target audience. I am from Nigeria and some of my Nigerian terms and idioms were written in the copy. Having Barbara edit the manuscript helped me to see some of these idioms which are not familiar to the U.S. audience, my target audience. Overall. she is an excellent editor and copywriter. Thanks Barbara.” Bukola Oriola

“Thank you for providing support and productive input into the initial edits of my client’s first draft of their manuscript.  Your efforts made it easier for me to supplement and enhance the writing project, in order to present them with an excellent book publication.” Elder Desiree Harris-Bonner

“Barbara was a delight to work with. She kept the lines of communication open and delivered the final project in a timely manner. The icing on the cake is that the final product was great! Not only did Barbara correct my errors, she also offered suggestions on ways that I could make my writing flow better. I will be using her again in the future! Thanks again.” LaTasha Nicole

Where else can I find you online?

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram.

I am ready to work with you! What do I need to do?

Just click here and fill out the form, or you can email me directly at and let’s get ready to work!


Additional Questions:

What is the difference between proofreading and editing? 

Proofreading means I look for errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Your writing will still sound like you, just error-free! Copy editing is a little more involved. Not only am I proofreading, but I review your text for sentence structure, paragraph lengths, word choices, and the overall language of the text. Basically, I make suggestions to improve the organization and overall flow of your writing.

Are there different types of transcription?

Yes! Verbatim means that words such as “um” and “ah” will be included in the transcript. Near verbatim, however, is minus the “ums,” “ahs,” “likes,” and “you knows.” You may also have an audio with multiple speakers (in which case the terms “male” and “female” can be used, unless the names of the speakers are given).