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Gratitude Challenge – What Is Your Story?

“I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.” – Psalm 9:1, NIV

One powerful way to give thanks to God is to tell others about the wonderful things He has done for you. You may be tempted to think that you don’t have a story to tell because yours isn’t as “dramatic” as being cured of cancer or surviving a hurricane that destroyed your home and all of your personal belongings. Instead, your story may be that you went through a difficult divorce and God gave you the strength to keep going. Or maybe you were dealing with a co-worker that was hostile toward you and God helped you through it.

If you’re not sure what your story is, make a list of hard moments in your life. Then, ask yourself what God did and start writing it down. He may have changed your circumstances by transferring your hostile co-worker to another division. Or God may have changed you by using a tough situation to make you more patient and understanding of others.

Sometimes you may look at a situation and think God has done nothing for you. Trust and believe that, as a child of God, He is always working on your behalf. His response to your situation may not be evident at this moment but know that He is working all of your circumstances at for His Glory and your good.

Whether your story is finished or still unfolding, you can still use the experience as a way to praise Him. Tell the people around you know how God has worked or is working on your behalf!


God, help me to share the story of what You’ve done in my life. Give me the courage to speak up on Your Behalf and praise You, even if my story is still unfinished.

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