He Needs A Cheerleader, Not A Coach!

He Needs A Cheerleader, Not A Coach!Gimme a “H”

Gimme a “U”

Gimme a “B,” “B,” “Y”

Hubby, Hubby,

He’s my guy!

He’s smart, and sexy, and handsome, too.

He’s my baby. Yes, he’s my BOO!!!!

Football season is right around the corner, and I thought it would be a great time to list  five ways you can be your husband’s #1 cheerleader:

  1. Represent your husband well.

Once you become a cheerleader, the spotlight will always be on you – on and off the field. People do not stop looking at you after you take the uniform off. It is the same thing when you get married. You are a reflection of him, and the spotlight will always be on you. The light becomes even more intense if your husband takes on a leadership role at his job or in the church. Therefore, you have to always remember to put your best foot forward, because it is a direct reflection of him. It is your job to make him look good!

2. Get fit to perform your duties.

Even though it may not look like it, cheerleading is very strenuous work. You have to be strong, flexible, loud and very energetic. Likewise, you need to make sure that you are in the best shape possible (spiritually, emotionally and physically) to perform your  wifely duties.

3. Know your role.

 You have never seen a cheerleader coaching the players and telling them what to do from the sidelines, nor have you seen her trying to grab a helmet and run out onto the field to play. She knows exactly what she is there to do – and she gives it her all! I think you get the point, so I will move on to the next one.

4. Motivate and encourage him to do his best, especially when he is at his worst.

When the team is winning, a cheerleader’s job is easy because the crowd is hyped and everyone is excited about the possibility of winning the game. However, when you haven’t score a touchdown, the other team has 49 points, the crowd is booing, AND it is only two minutes left in the fourth quarter, her job just became a lot harder. She can’t quit because the game is not over, and she made a commitment to cheer the team on until the end of the game, whether they wine or lose. This is actually the time when the team NEEDS a cheerleader! Her job is no longer cute and fun. She now has to cheer harder and louder in an effort to push past how she feels about the impending loss and encourage her team when they need her the most. And, at the end of the game, she is the one who sticks around when the crowd has left, still encouraging and cheering them on. So it is with you and your hubby. Remember “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part.”

5. Always have a positive attitude.

Cheerleaders are known for always having a smile on their face and happiness in their voice. Win or lose – her disposition never changes. That’s because she knows that she has to do her job in spite of how she feels. Even though she may be viewed as “just a cheerleader,” losing a game can make her feel just as lousy as the rest of the team. But she has to press through and remind the team that, even though we lost, we will get’em next time!

I hope this reminds you that your role as cheerleader is VERY important, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. So put on that uniform, fluff out those pom-poms and yell to the top of your lungs:

“We, Are, Proud of you. Say, we are proud of YOU!”

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