How to Make NO Money Online

How to Make NO Money Online

Now, I may not know how to make money consistently online. However, based on my prior business failures experiences, I can tell you what NOT to do with confidence!

So, I came up with few things to do if you want to make NO money online (in no particular order). I will share four today and post the last three tomorrow.

1. Change your mind every other week about what business to start or what company to work with.

I am so guilty of this. I think the term for it is “shiny object syndrome”. Many times I pick a company to sign up with because I see other people making money with it or I want to learn from a certain person who is killing it and the only way to do that is to sign up under them. However, I realize AFTER paying my money that I have no passion for the products or services, or I am not making sales right away after starting the business less than a week ago. And what happens next? Eventually, I just stop doing it. And, once again, I start looking for the next, great business to start or company to join, hoping to finally make some money. However, let’s think about it. If the businesses are all different, and all of the companies I have joined have the potential to make money, then the problem must be me and my lack of focus (OUCH!).

2. Be afraid to tell people what you do. 

I am always afraid to tell people what I am working on. Mainly because, like I stated in point #1, I change businesses almost every other week. However, if no one knows I exist, how can I make money? Also, I am realizing that people will talk about you no matter what. Whether they are encouraging you in your desire to make money online, or telling you that you are crazy for even believing it is possible, your family, friends and anyone else you know will always have something to say. You may as well do YOU because, in the end, you are held accountable for what YOU do with the gifts and talents that God gave you.

3. Don’t create a plan and WRITE IT DOWN.

Now how many times have you heard that? If you have ever once looked online about starting a business then you know what I am talking about. However, it is very true. Something happens when you start writing it down. It goes from just an idea in your head to a real business. Also, as you are writing, the business starts to take shape. This often gives me the motivation I need to keep going.

4. Choose a business based ONLY on money. 

Is it important to the success of your business to be passionate about it? If you ask some online business gurus out there you will get many different responses. Some will say yes, because this is what will keep you going when money is slow to come. Some will say no, because making money is the passion you need to make the business a success. I say do what works for you. I finally know that, for me, if I am not passionate about it, I will give up when the money is not rolling in right away. Also, I have worked many jobs solely based on money, and was very unhappy every day. So why would I want a business, something I am choosing to do, bring me the same type of unhappiness? Building a business is suppose to be fun and exciting, along with a lot of dedication and hard work. So passion is a BIG factor for me in choosing a business.

I hope you this was able to encourage and help you in some way in regards to building a business. Did I leave something out? Feel free to comment below!

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