The Lord Is My Light, Fortress and Strength


The Lord is my light and my salvation; so why should I be afraid? The Lord is my fortress, protecting me from danger, so why should I tremble? Psalm 27:1 NLT


When I was a little girl I used to sleep with a night light because I was afraid of the dark. It can be scary when you are a young girl and completely surrounded by darkness. Sometimes you can barely see your hand in front of you. However, my mom would turn on the night light. That small light in the middle of all that darkness was just the confidence I needed to sleep peacefully.

This verse reminds us that the Lord is our light, our fortress, and our strength.  When we are facing dark places in our lives, His light immediately destroys the darkness. It is a reminder that He is always there to guide us and comfort us.… Read the rest


Scripture Journaling Using SOAP

Some ladies have come to me with questions about journaling, such as how to get started and how to keep it going. I started doing some research and came across scripture journaling using the SOAP method. I knew this would be a great place to start.

First of all, what is scripture journaling? is writing a bible verse every day in addition to whatever you hear God saying to you through that verse.

I’m glad you asked! It is writing a bible verse every day in addition to whatever you hear God saying to you through that verse.

SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer.


Write the bible verse.


What is the verse saying to you? What do you see as you are reading the verse? Who is the verse speaking to? What is it talking about? Do any words stick out to you?


How can you apply what you read to your own personal life?… Read the rest


Save Yourself and Start a Journal

Journaling is not just something certain people do.

It is something EVERYONE should do, and here’s why:

1. It Helps With Mental and Physical Health

A major benefit to writing in a journal every day is that it can help you both mentally and physically. It can show you why you are feeling anxious all the time or help you get through your depression. Journaling can also help you lose weight, find out why you have certain ailments, and narrow down the reasons you aren’t drinking enough water each day. You can be a healthier person overall just by having a journal.

2. You Can Feel Safe Releasing Your Emotions

It is hard to talk to someone about what you are thinking or feeling when you are embarrassed or feel like you will be judged for it. A journal is a good way to express all those feelings and not worry about someone reading it or looking at you differently.

Read the rest

How to Put Your Priorities in the Right Order

List of Priorities

My Typical Day

Here is my typical work day. Tell me if it sounds familiar:

I wake up at 5am to get ready for work. However, I don’t actually get out of the bed until around 5:45am.  Then, I say a real quick, “Thank you, Jesus, for waking me up this morning” prayer. I am supposed to read my daily Bible devotion on my phone, but end up checking emails and reading FB posts instead. Well, because I lost track of time, I have to rush to iron my clothes, take a shower, find clothes for my three- and five-year-old to wear, get them dressed, put our bags in the car, and finally get all of us in the car and on the road.

From there I drive like a crazy woman to drop them off to my mom’s house. Then, I get BACK on the highway and get to work by 7:15 am.… Read the rest


My Break Up Letter to Debt

My Break Up Letter to DebtDear Debt,

I remember the first time we met. It was during my first year in college. I have to admit, you were very attractive and, unfortunately, I didn’t know how to tell you “no.” No one ever taught me what to do if I ever met you. So I fell for your tricks. The t-shirt that you gave me for “free” ended up costing me over $1000! And, instead of breaking up with you, learning from my mistakes and moving on, I just kept coming back for more.

Over the years I thought I could “change” you and improve our relationship. However, I found out WAY too late that it would never get better, and things got outta hand real quick…to the point that I had to get legal counsel involved in order to end our relationship.

That worked out for a little while but, because I didn’t change my mindset and get to the root of my problems, I fell back into our abusive relationship.Read the rest


He Needs A Cheerleader, Not A Coach!

He Needs A Cheerleader, Not A Coach!Gimme a “H”

Gimme a “U”

Gimme a “B,” “B,” “Y”

Hubby, Hubby,

He’s my guy!

He’s smart, and sexy, and handsome, too.

He’s my baby. Yes, he’s my BOO!!!!

Football season is right around the corner, and I thought it would be a great time to list  five ways you can be your husband’s #1 cheerleader:

  1. Represent your husband well.

Once you become a cheerleader, the spotlight will always be on you – on and off the field. People do not stop looking at you after you take the uniform off. It is the same thing when you get married. You are a reflection of him, and the spotlight will always be on you. The light becomes even more intense if your husband takes on a leadership role at his job or in the church. Therefore, you have to always remember to put your best foot forward, because it is a direct reflection of him.… Read the rest


How to Make NO Money Online

How to Make NO Money Online

Now, I may not know how to make money consistently online. However, based on my prior business failures experiences, I can tell you what NOT to do with confidence!

So, I came up with few things to do if you want to make NO money online (in no particular order). I will share four today and post the last three tomorrow.

1. Change your mind every other week about what business to start or what company to work with.

I am so guilty of this. I think the term for it is “shiny object syndrome”. Many times I pick a company to sign up with because I see other people making money with it or I want to learn from a certain person who is killing it and the only way to do that is to sign up under them. However, I realize AFTER paying my money that I have no passion for the products or services, or I am not making sales right away after starting the business less than a week ago.… Read the rest